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Project work 2022
Theme "Remember"

What is a project work at all?

The project work is an independently conceived, developed & elaborated product, which is comparable to a journeyman's piece in the broadest sense. In order to achieve the goal within the specified time frame of 40 working hours, each participant must evaluate a project idea based on a list of criteria and then define it as precisely as possible in writing, i.e. develop a project description. 

The project work is supervised by assigned mentors who act in a supportive manner. The elaboration, development & design is the sole responsibility of the participants. 

The project specifies framework conditions which must not be disregarded (time, finances, material, competencies, evaluation criteria, etc.). The project goal is to be realized within these constraints. 

In summary, all competencies, skills and abilities learned in the apprenticeship are combined and applied in a project. 


Manufacturing process "Memoria"

Here you can discover the entire manufacturing process to my project work 2022, Enjoy! 

To start, a video of my design drawing:  

Digitized work journal

In the following gallery you can discover my very personal work journal of my project work 2022. The work journal not only documents every step of the work very precisely, but also includes personal feelings, problems and insights.

Found spelling mistakes may be kept. 

And finally a few
Beauty Shots

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